Jason Whitlow
Experience Design

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I design brands, experiences, products, and programs for individuals and organizations doing good in the world.

I help organizations express their identity with a clear presence and voice and engage with others in a way that builds relationship and trust.

My work strives to listen, understand, and respond to human needs — to be humane. We’re all just people trying to get things done.

I enrich the user’s experience across time and touchpoints, strengthening relationship at each step.

My work informs and educates, seamlessly offering the right information at the right time in the right way.

I use inquiry and research to ground effort in understanding and evidence. What do we know and how do we know it?

I align business objectives with user interests, optimizing value and creating a positive effect in our interconnected world.

I’m comfortable working hands-on as well as managing collaborative projects.

I work hand-in-hand with business strategy, product development, engineering, marketing, customer support, and more.


User Research

  • User research & ethnography

  • Usability testing


  • Market & competitive analysis

  • Product & service strategy

  • Brand strategy & positioning


  • Naming

  • Identity design (verbal & visual)

  • Brand integration


  • Experience & interaction design

  • Web design & development

  • Graphic, print, & book design


  • Information architecture

  • Content strategy & development

  • Writing & editing

  • Photo & video production


  • Communications

  • Blogging & social media

  • Email marketing

  • Advertising & search marketing

Customer Education & Support

  • Instructional material development

  • Education & training

  • Knowledge base development

  • Customer & technical support