Jason Whitlow
Experience Design




For more than 20 years I’ve designed brands, experiences, products, and programs for individuals and organizations doing good in the world.

I work closely with clients and partners, getting to know them and the inspiration that impels their efforts. I clarify and give form to what they are creating, and help it develop humanely, in good relationship with the world, so that it offers value and benefit.

I’ve always been curious about how we experience, know, and relate to the world and each other. My practice is informed by my studies of neuroscience and design science at Harvard as well as my training in somatics and trauma recovery. My approach also incorporates methods for cultivating outer and inner balance taught in the traditional Tibetan sciences of health and meditation.

My full resume is available upon request.

Even when we engage in ordinary conversation…if someone speaks with human feeling we enjoy listening, and respond accordingly; the whole conversation becomes interesting… From the least to the most important event, the affection and respect of others are vital for our happiness.
— The Dalai Lama